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I’m rewriting and rerouting the pages of your story.  Your history with Me will prove vital in the days ahead.  Advance your heart, advance your mind , advance your spirit.  

Many have tried to define you and put you into their mold of where they want you to fit; whether it be for lack of interest, to fill a void, to try to find a place for you, or from a lack of understanding. 

I’m not defined by my circumstances or by what others say, but I am defined by who You, my Great Creator, has created me to be. 

On this journey I have traveled many paths; none of them wasted, as You are able to shape and mold me.   As we’ve walked and worked and created together.  The only way my journey gets wasted is if I do it without You.   You are my love, my Master Planner, my Builder.  You are the Word who lives in and through me.  You are the One who creates in me and frames me with Your Word. You are the Answer and the One whom my soul loves. You are my delight in the day and night.  To travel with You is my deepest desire. 

So today keep your head up; your eyes and ears open to Me. See what I say, watch what I do. For I’m doing a work in you that no one else can misconstrue.   Today I begin a new thing in you.  I’m writing the pages of your story, watch me and see. 

“Filled with You” Jenn Johnson Bethel Music

#Deeperthings #journeywithMe #myhistorywithYou #inYourbook

Prayer: My prayer for you today is that the Lord would continue to draw you deeper into His presence. Father I pray for everyone who reads this to find hope and encouragement today. That they would know You and find rest in Your presence. Holy Spirit breathe on them today, unfold Your story in them 🙏. Bless and favor them, in Jesus’ name. May their identity be re-affirmed in You and You alone.

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