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I’m on a journey…..AND I’m now at the beginning…..

He seeks for those who are lost. He saves those who are lost. Matthew 18:11. Perhaps you sit in His house and quote His word and try and believe Him, and love Him and desire to please Him…… but find that truly you are as lost as those not in Christ.

What’s the difference you ask?

He is the difference. The person of the Godhead….. The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.

Challenge is to walk away from all you deem “worthy” to reside with the ONE who IS WORTHY. In that you will find that you are already worthy.

Note to self: I am worthy, because HE IS WORTHY, not by anything I can ascribe to be or to accomplish or to live up to by another being or institution. I can ONLY be defined IN and THROUGH HIM.

Note to self: He found me worthy of dying for ….. oh a love so radical and valiant as this….. ALL POWERFUL….. it transcends mans ideas and theology. He is NOT a theology…… He is Spirit and He Is LIFE eternal and abundant. This man…. CHRIST.

I was already defined before the beginning of what I know as time. I was already created in His image when I was placed in my mother’s womb.

Then came the liars…… the ones who serve the Father of LIES to whisper in my ear to burn in my heart that I was not worthy of being saved. That I wasn’t who He said I was….. who would send his mini-hordes to continue to try and build a case against me here in me and in the courts before MY FATHER.

I remind you today …. one of his names is “Father of Lies”. (the devil)

A liar so great that his purpose is to bring you where he was imprisoned to, so you could not enjoy the place and position of being in Him and Him being in you.

Oh, Christ’s love is so radical and resides me. I am My Beloved’s and He is mine. Song of Solomon 6:3

If I choose to be without Him, without His daily being and presence, I would be choosing to ignore who I really am. To turn a blind eye and “ignore” Him day in and day out is to rob myself of the exhilarating knowledge that we are one…… it would be to ignore who I am and embrace the role of a liar against myself.

Crack the code of belonging….. the hunger and desperate desire will never be fulfilled until we surrender, completely to who we are IN Him.

To truly enjoy His presence where there is “Fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore” Psalm 16:11, we must eradicate the self-lies and embrace Him and all He is to us. To allow Him to engulf us and love us so deeply and richly that we let everything else go. Today I’m letting go to re-embark on this miraculous journey with Him and Him alone. In that I can walk with Him in the garden as I was intended to in the midst of what looks like a garden destroyed on this earth.

Jesus my King, took the keys of death and hell and made a mockery of it. When He said “It is Finished”, it meant…. IT IS FINISHED. John 19:30

I can therefore enjoy all the pleasures of Him as I am seated in heavenly places WITH HIM. Far above all principalities….. because He has already placed them under His feet. Ephesians 2:4-10 Ephesians 1:19-23


Now I get to enjoy the pleasures of KNOWING HIM. He has always been with me, has never forsaken me. It’s Christ in me, the hope of Glory…. ❤️. Col. 1:27

John 17:23 NLT

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