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Lift Your Eyes…

Lift your eyes up today,  what do you SEE?   Are you looking to man for all your decisions, to circumstances; what are you looking to to determine your steps???  Are you looking to the media?   Are you listening to voices that DO NOT line up with the Word?   Can you SEE beyond what is in front of you, or can you reach beyond the present to grasp what God has in your future. Where are you today?

I believe over the last year especially,  that the enemy has placed barriers in front of us through media, politics, crises and personal circumstances to dictate a direction that is contrary to our faith in Christ.

I believe these things have been orchestrated to discourage and shipwreck the believers faith in Christ and His power and authority on the earth, and the power and authority He has already given the believer.  I watch the news and follow certain people to keep up with current agendas, for the sole purpose to pray and declare God and heavens directives into the earth.  With the Primary Purpose to get into agreement with the Kingdom of God and release it, by faith into the natural.

But today, the only way to do this is to LOOK UP, and SEE from heaven’s perspective.   Things down here can be muddied by popular opinion (even in church circles), and wrong perception.

To SEE clearly, we must look up to Him.  Psalms 121….I look to the hills from where my help comes from, my help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.   If I look for Him, seek Him, listen for Him and allow His word to permeate my heart and mind; I will find His will.

Are you just looking for yourself???? How BIG is your vision?  Are you interested in seeing His kingdom come to earth….like, I mean for real.  Where the Gospel is on …LIVE??? With manifestations of His presence and glory going on display… even in the………yes, White House or on the nightly news. Where we disrupt the works of darkness and bring His word and His kingdom. We have the power and authority from HIM to declare His will into the earth.

I have to pick on the media right now, because we live in the age where they are more interested in peddling stories for ratings and money, and for their own agendas; which many are anti-Christ in spirit.  They act more like satan’s evangelists, than reporters.  The word says do not be deceived; to be careful; to test the spirits….yet how many of us watch and believe everything they sell on TV/media…..or do we take what we see or hear, and bring it to the throne for deciphering.   I have watched a spirit of fear be pushed onto the public with the motivation of pushing people to come into agreement with things politically, that they wouldn’t otherwise agree to.

Or how about the spirit of strife generated to bring about division and hatred in our nation.  Yet people are hungry for the hype and watch it for entertainment.  There are people behind the media pulling puppet strings to shipwreck people and pull them into a wrong direction!

So I ask you today, what do you SEE? And WHO are you looking to.  Lift up your eyes to Him!  If you have to shut off all forms of media and people who would misdirect you, do it. Even if for a season to clear up the enemy’s fog.    Look at the fruit if you aren’t sure……do you feel scared or angry; discouraged or hopeless after watching or listening to someone or something. If so, SHUT IT DOWN! I’m not saying ignore it and stick your head in the sand….I AM saying take it, look up to Him, seek Him for clarification; be discerning in the hour we live in, so you’re not deceived, but so you can also be used by Him to be a solution going somewhere to bring the Kingdom of heaven down to the earth.

For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God.   Romans 8:19

Luke 21:8 watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in My name.




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