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Healing to our Nation

Last week as I was praying, I heard two things.  The first was that “racial tension may be on the rise, but more of the love of Christ will combat it.”   This I heard prior to  the rioting in Baltimore.    And truthfully, I didn’t know much about the case at all.  Why should I make a judgment when I do not know all the facts; and I wasn’t there.  But I believe God sent forth a message prior, so we know how to pray.  He cares about the people and the state of our Nation.  And as a message to Christians in the United States, not to separate from each other, but to show forth His love.  His love shown in the communities is what has the potential to separate people from strife, and join them to Him for hope and restoration.   Through His love we can overcome barriers of racism, tradition, disappointments and setbacks and release  this love to one another and the communities around us.  Lord forgive us for looking to the media and others for the answers, when Your word is rich with wisdom and love.  We pray for the release of Your love in greater measure in our communities and our nation, and ask for restoration and healing to come to the nation, in the name of Jesus!  Lord, we release more of your love, in Jesus Name!!!!

The second thing I heard was “Seeds of GREATNESS” are in this nation.  Through the generations, God has always had His people praying, declaring His word and standing for His will in a nation.  As I heard this, faith started to rise in me.  We have the power to declare a thing and it shall be done.  It was God’s word that framed the world…..and as children that are made in His likeness and image, we can also CREATE with God.  So today, I declare a harvest off of the seeds of Greatness that God has made sure to be planted in our nation!  I declare those seeds would begin to grow and be nourished and produce a harvest 100 fold.  I call increase of fruit bearing seeds in our nation.

It’s not about what the media says, or the government; but it’s what is in the mouth of God’s people declaring and proclaiming His kingdom on Earth.  God has sent many before us to cry out for this land.  To bring forth much fruit in this land. His word will not return void, if we would cry out to him.  He says call to me and I will answer.

May our hearts burn today, for what is burning in His heart!!!!!  Lord, release your glory and healing to this nation.  We cry out for another spiritual awakening in this land and the restoration of all things.  I declare “We are ONE NATION UNDER GOD”!   America is the Lords!

So today, do not lose heart or hope in America.  Call out to God and He will answer.  Let’s join our voice today to declare His will!

Many blessings to you and yours…..



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