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Awaken The Cry, Lord!!!My heart cries today for the effects the condition of our Nation is having on our children. How we handle the conflict of our day will be seen a generation from now. What we sow now will be reaped later. Are our children learning to hate, or to love. Are our children learning to know Him, or being taught to strive for what is not necessarily sin, but also not profitable. Are they learning to be givers, or takers. Are they learning to persevere or quit. Are they really learning what is right by biblical standards, or mans opinions. Will they learn to fight on their knees to bring the kingdom here, or will they war with their own flesh and chase foolishness??? (Click to read further)

And on the questions can go. We can’t just live for today and for ourselves. I want to see them walk in miracles, signs and wonders. To bring insight and wisdom into our communities and nation; make dramatic impact on our culture. To be what they were created to be. To bring light to darkness.
Many are standing and modeling what’s right for our children, but there is a lot that is fighting for their attention, a future generation of great leaders. The question is what price are we willing to pay to invest in them today, for a harvest of tomorrow? Or will we lose them to a world’s system…….. We have the power to choose to provide a rich inheritance for them in the earth. I’m choosing to sow righteousness today for harvest tomorrow. I do not always have the right answers, but the Word of God has a beautiful script for me to follow. Jer. 29:11-14; Is. 62:10. Let’s clear a path for these kids together!

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